College Ahead

College ahead

Before you know it we’ll be sending our kids off to school again. Do you have any that are going off to college? It can be had on both of you sometimes. Obviously, it’s hard for us parents when our kids go away and aren’t under our influence anymore. But do you realize that it’s also difficult for them, too? It is. When my daughter went away to art school it was really hard for me. She seemed too young – she only turned 18 the day she moved into the dorm for Pete’s sake! She was several states away, didn’t know anyone and had never been away from home more than a week or two at a time.

College dorm room

What I did to make us both feel better was to send her care packages.

I realize I’m not the only one who has thought of this but the other day I was baking some cookies and was reminiscing about sending cookies and such in the mail so she could have a taste of home. I can’t tell you how much she appreciated it. (There was even enough to share with her new friends!)

Treat of the month 1

Wouldn’t your child love to get some home-baked goodness from you every month while they are away from home also? If you think they would I can set up a monthly subscription and you won’t have to do a thing – except receiving all the thank you’s they will be sending your way!

I have 3, 6, 9, and 12-month subscriptions to choose from. The choices are pretty limitless; you get to choose all muffins, all cookies or you can even mix it up and choose to send cookies, brownies, pies or even cupcakes. The choice is yours. Of course, you can simply send one order – they will love you for it no matter what you send.

Mexican Wedding Cookie

Mother’s Day and Honoring Women

Coconut TPC

Mother’s Day is on May 14th this year and that makes it less than a month away. I have to find a victim, quick! No, really. Let me explain…….

My mother passed away 8 years ago and because she has gone on, it doesn’t exempt me from honoring mothers all around me. There are single mothers who need encouraging, spiritual mothers who need honoring, sisters who have forgotten how awesome they truly are or maybe you’re a mother to orphans who simply needs someone to listen to what has happened in your day. The need is greater than we know.

Find someone to honor and celebrate extravagantly this year. Take them to dinner, send them something in the mail, go clean their house or buy them flowers. And most importantly, tell them how much they’ve meant to you, how they’ve spoken into your life, or how awesome they are!

And, if you do want to send them something in the mail I can help you out with that! There are plenty of options to choose from in my shop: There are gifts of cookies, muffins, pies, scones or even cupcakes! Also, there are options to send a give that keeps on giving. You can choose from 3, 6, 9 or 12-month subscriptions for cookies, muffins or even assorted treats – your choice. All made fresh the day they ship.

Anyone can send flowers and really, haven’t we all been guilty of this fallback no-brainer year after year? I know I have. I also know that I love it when I get something different for a change.
I do all the work; you get all the praises and thanks.

If you want to check out the options for gift giving, here’s the link: