Super Bowl Food – Buffalo Chicken Tacos

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For most of my adult life I’ve been a huge fan of the Super Bowl and then, only partially because of the teams on the field. Of course, I love watching the best of the best play but I have to be honest here – my favorite part has always been the food!

I love “football” food. And more than I like eating it, I like making it! That’s hard to believe, isn’t it? Yeah, I know…not really. (Smile)

One of my “must haves” every single year is chicken wings. There is just something about them. I rarely eat them out but whenever I get the chance, I make them at home. I might be a tad bit particular about my wings! LOL

One year my son in law, who spent many years in Texas, wanted me to make tacos for the Super Bowl. I wasn’t sure how tacos would fit in with my favorites though. Sure, I like tacos, but I like wings better.

I gave in and we got to brainstorming about what kind of tacos we wanted and ended up making three different kinds of tacos. We had beef with peppers and onions, we had fish tacos with spicy slaw and oranges in adobo sauce and the best one, in my opinion, was the Buffalo chicken taco! It was my nod to wings while still staying with the taco theme.

Since that year, we have talked about the Buffalo chicken tacos and how great they turned out, it was everyone’s favorite. They were surprisingly good! So good in fact, we have them a couple of times of year – whether there is a game playing or not!

And now that the Super Bowl is only two weeks away, I thought I’d share the recipe with you.

(This is one of those times that a rotisserie chicken from your grocery store is perfect.)

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Buffalo Chicken Tacos


2 cups shredded, cooked chicken (1 rotisserie chicken)

½ cup Franks Buffalo wing sauce

½ to ¾ minced celery leaves and hearts

Blue cheese dressing, purchased or homemade

Blue cheese crumbles, optional

Corn tortillas or street taco – size flour tortillas, heated if desired.


Shred the chicken into bite sized pieces, discarding the skin and bones.

Place the shredded chicken and wing sauce in a medium microwaveable bowl and mix with your hands until combined.

Heat in microwave for a minute or two to warm back up.

Holding a tortilla in your hand spread a tablespoon or so of the blue cheese dressing along the bottom. Follow with some of the celery and then the chicken mixture. Don’t overfill. Sprinkle with a little more celery and top with blue cheese crumbles, is using.

Place in a taco holder and repeat with remaining tacos.


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