Giving the gift that keeps on giving – It’s the perfect gift.



As many of you know, I bake and sell things through my Etsy shop and sometimes that makes it a little interesting when I post pictures of things I bake on a daily basis. Many people try to eat healthily by cutting out sweets and carbs and when they see my pictures I get a lot of conversations about people wishing they weren’t tempted or wishing they could have some or even the occasional, “I wish I could support you and what you do but I’m gluten-free or sugar-free, or I don’t know…pick something. I get this and it’s all fine.

Really, it’s fine. Not everyone is supposed to be my client. We can still be friends.

What many of you may not know is, about 80% of what I bake is a gift for someone. Most of my clients aren’t buying for themselves so their own dietary restrictions are not part of the equation. They want to bless someone with freshly baked items, period. I simply bake what they want to send, include a note from the client to the recipient and off it goes.

Since this is the perfect time of year to think about gift giving, let me tell you about a few of my clients.

Mary, (not her real name), contacted me last year because she wanted to gift her mother with a 6-month subscription of my Cookie of the Month Club. Her mother lived in an assisted living facility in upstate New York and, it was her 90th birthday! Every month when Mary’s mother received those cookies she would share them with all the other people she played bingo with. It was a great adventure each month because “momma” got so excited to see what treat she received this time. After a month or so, her friends were as excited as she was! (Of course, they got to share in the loot also!)

Every month, I contacted Mary and let her know the next batch was on the way and gave her all the shipping details. That way, she knew exactly when her mother would receive them. Also every month Mary would re-contact me and let me know how much her mother enjoyed her cookies, and also enjoyed the attention she got from her friends!

Sadly, this ended after 6 months were up. Mary thanked me so many times for bringing joy to her mother.

A few months ago, Mary contacted me again. She decided to purchase another 6-month subscription for her mother’s 91st birthday. She knew her mother had loved the gift the previous year and knew she would be so excited to receive it again.


And, that’s just one mother’s tale. Last week I got an order for a 3-month subscription for Grandma Gigi who was turning 101 years old! Yay, Grandma! I get to do this kind of thing all the time and feel honored that someone would trust me with such a precious gift.

Sometimes this is the only “home baked” thing these parents or grandparents get each month. It’s a splurge and it’s a great treat for them to think someone baked something just for them. What they don’t know is, it’s an even bigger treat for me.

I’ve been honored to send condolence gifts to someone who is grieving over a death in the family. I’ve celebrated birthdays and anniversaries. I really do get to celebrate with them – even if they never know.


If you are interested in something like this – whether it’s Christmas gift for your parents, grandparents, or simply a Thank You gift for a friend or co-worker, I think I may have something to help make things easier for you.

Check it out…

Sometimes you want to treat that special someone with a gift but not sure what to choose. Maybe they have EVERYTHING! Maybe you just want to say thank you and not really sure how.

My Cookie, Muffin, or Treat of the Month Clubs could quite possibly be the answer you need. Who doesn’t like receiving packages in the mail, especially packages of fresh, delicious baked goods? And you know, YOU might be that special someone who needs a gift of freshly baked treats each month!

That would mean that you could gift someone Treats for the entire year (or however long you choose), and it would be a surprise each month.

So why not treat yourself or a special friend to 3 months of fresh-baked cookies delivered right to the front door? (Or you may select 6 months, 9 months, or an entire year!) Order once and I’ll take care of everything else. You get to sit back and enjoy; either your own treats or thank-you from the recipient.

Here are the links if you want to see what it’s all about:

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