Breakfast Avocado Melt

Breakfast Avacado Melt


Some mornings I get tired of the same old grind. You know eggs, some protein and toast. I  love breakfast and eggs are a big part of that every day. But some mornings, when the planets line up, the moon is full and all is well in the universe, I will make a shift from my usual breakfast fare and decide we need an open-faced, stacked something.

That’s what happened here. The tomato and avocado were both at peak ripeness, (YES on the same day!!) and knowing this was practically a divine moment I decided to take advantage of it, right there and then.

The first thing I did was slice the tomato and avocado and give them a  nice sprinkle of salt and pepper to start bringing out the juices, then set them aside. The next order of business was to get a couple pieces of sausage into the pan to begin browning while I toasted off 2 large pieces of multigrain bread.

Basic assembly followed, beginning with a couple of thick slabs of pepper Jack cheese followed by the tomato slices. Next I took a sausage patty and sliced it in two thinner patties and put it on top of the tomatoes. The final layer was the avocado and them more pepper Jack cheese.

This was then placed in a preheated 350⁰ oven and left until the cheese was melted and dripping down the sides. Meanwhile, I fried an egg to rest on the top of this cheesy beautiful thing, just before serving.

If you want to venture out and try a “stacked” breakfast yourself, I would encourage you to  look around at what’s on your counter and what’s in your refrigerator – I bet you can come up with something equally as yummy as mine!


2 thoughts on “Breakfast Avocado Melt

  1. paulwilcox2015

    The best !
    And that pepper Jack cheese that holds it all together – perched there balanced on such gloriously crunchy toast – gives it both a satisfying grace of cheesy delight AND a snap of hot pepper zing that still won’t blow your head off. A perfectly ripe avocado is just proof of how good God’s love can be. Likewise summer-ripe tomatoes.
    This is the BAM! baby :~)

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